Crypto haven is no longer safe

Crypto haven is no longer safe

Swiss and Malta are now losing their reputation of crypto nation and blockchain island, just because of tightened regulation

Bitcoin price is experiencing a surprise downtrend (May 23rd)

$7732 will be the next target of the Bitcoin price, before a recovery to the confluence level of $7826 and $7941

ETH price is heading down to $600 today (Wednesday, May 23rd)

We anticipate that the ETH price can fall to the level of $600 before recovering to the level of $682 and then will hover around for a while before a new setup

ETH price will be lifted up to $723 after escaping the Flag pattern (Tuesday, May 22nd)

We expect that ETH price will soon enter the new Elliott Impulsive Wave and the next resistance level is $723

Tether still creates more tokens despite the SEC's subpoenas

On May 18th, Tether continued to mint 250 mln tokens without any public audit result to prove it has enough money to cover 2.5 bln tokens

$8782 will become the next resistance level of Bitcoin price

Traders should watch out the Bitcoin price closely to set the position

ETH price has started the Elliott Impulsive Wave or not?

We expect that the cryptocurrency price will fall to the Fibonacci Retracement level of 23.6% and maybe tumble to the confluence zone of $668 and $652

$8296 will be the next stop of Bitcoin price (May 18th)

Bitcoin price will crawl upwards to the level to $8296 and fluctuate in the confluence zone before a clear trend will show up

ETH price will re-test the strong resistance level of $701 today (May 18th)

ETH price can slide down after approaching the resistance line of $701 in order to jump in the Elliott Declining Wave

Two scenarios for Bitcoin price on Thursday (May 17th)?

We still show a belief in the continuing Bearish trend of Bitcoin price.

Gemini is the first licensed trading platform for Zcash

Winklevoss twin's cryptocurrencies exchange, Gemini will be the first exchange to trade and deposit Zcash under supervision of NYSDFS