Bountie - Where you get paid from playing game!

Bountie platform allows players to make records, store personal details like skills, achievements, videos, and grants them the ability to monetized by playing daily games

Lending an ear to the Lastest Lending Platform

Understanding the speculative cryptocurrency market, Money Token - a blockchain-based financial ecosystem, is hoping to solve the demand for short and medium fiat loan.

A multifunctional blockchain gaming platform

Flux gaming is a blockchain system which effectively supports not only gamers or streamers but also game developers

Crypto haven is no longer safe

Swiss and Malta are now losing their reputation of crypto nation and blockchain island, just because of tightened regulation

Say no to low quality food with Ifoods chain

Impurity of food or food poisoned are the serious problems today, Ifoods chain brings to the world a promising solution

Tether still creates more tokens despite the SEC's subpoenas

On May 18th, Tether continued to mint 250 mln tokens without any public audit result to prove it has enough money to cover 2.5 bln tokens

Telegram has cancelled ICO, the whales are coming?

Telegram is a nice red and crispy apple and everyone want to take a bite, but who knows, maybe this apple is poisoned.

Daily news on cryptocurrency market on May 3rd, 2018

Telegram cancelled the public ICO because they received more than enough

John McAfee keeps challenging JPMorgan's Chairman Jamie Dimon

The war between John McAfee and Jamie Dimon have been going for nearly a year

Reduce block reward: Increasing difficulties for ETH miners

Only 21 millions ETH are left for miners in the next 6 to 8 years, equivalent to 3 millions ETH each year