Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (July 24th): Bitcoin price booms despite the bearish trend of the other tokens

If Bitcoin price cannot close above the solid resistance line of $7759.2, it may slide down in the near term

Trust Wallet integrate dApp on its interface

Recently, was integrated to Trust's interface to help draw more attention from Nami's users

Warning: MyEtherWallet might have been hacked through Hola extension

On July 10th, MyEtherWaller tweeted that the customers' accounts might have been hacked while using Hola extension

AIRBLOC - Road to a legit data marketplace

AIRBLOC aims to create a healthy big data marketplace and give users a chance to make some money from their own data

Carry Protocol: Offline commerce market also needs blockchain

Carry Protocol is a blockchain platform that connects buyers and sellers in the offline market through data sharing and token rewards.

Strange case of Tether: Hiring law firm for auditing

Finally, Tether had made some efforts to prove their transparency, but investors still does not trust them

Create your own trading bots with Signals platform

Signals was born with the promise to democratize algorithmic trading for all investors in the crypto market

Zerobank - Transfer money in a sharing economy

Zerobank is the cross-border money transfer platform which provides cost-effective and secure services by using blockchain technology and smart contract in a sharing economy

SEC made the big announcement, BTC and ETH are not securities

John McAfee was right about one thing, fish can ride bike before ETH could be call security

Can Huobi OTC replace Remitano in Vietnam?

On June 13rd, Huobi had a meetup with Vietnamese traders in Hanoi and also introduced the Huobi OTC exchange platform