[ICO REVIEW] PROFEDE - ICO for headhunting market (ICO cancelled)

Profede is a decentralized platform for professional recruitment and crowdsourcing.

[ICO REVIEW] Alehub - security token ALE

Alehub token called ALE is a security token. Not like other ICO investors, ALE holders will become true stakeholders with voting power and dividend distribution

[ICO REVIEW] Alehub - disrupt the business management market

Alehub platform will support all types of enterprises, from large to small size, and even self-employers to build a customized effective management system on blockchain

[ICO REVIEW] WONO (update) - from ERC827 to ERC20

WONO wants to a an alternative for all Uber, AirBnB and Upwork. Recently, they have decided to change contract type from ERC827 to ERC20 for security issues

[ICO REVIEW] WONO - revolutionary idea for sharing economy

Sharing economy is a new trend with appearance of technological unicorns like Uber or AirBnB. What if WONO can combine all of these platforms in a single protocol?

[Review ICO] Curaizon - for healthcare industry

In the case of Curaizon, the role played by cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and smart contract doesn’t seem that crucial

[Review ICO] COTI - Currency Of The Internet

With ambition to overthrow VISA, Mastercard and Paypal, COTI introduces new payment method for e-commerce using tangle protocol

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (July 24th): Bitcoin price booms despite the bearish trend of the other tokens

If Bitcoin price cannot close above the solid resistance line of $7759.2, it may slide down in the near term

Trust Wallet integrate nami.trade dApp on its interface

Recently, nami.trade was integrated to Trust's interface to help draw more attention from Nami's users

Warning: MyEtherWallet might have been hacked through Hola extension

On July 10th, MyEtherWaller tweeted that the customers' accounts might have been hacked while using Hola extension