Bitcoin price analysis on Sunday (June 15th): Positive news from SEC push the Bitcoin price up

The FUD period seems to continue to overshadow the traders’ mood and there are more chances for a slide-down of the Bitcoin price in the short term

Tether still creates more tokens despite the SEC's subpoenas

On May 18th, Tether continued to mint 250 mln tokens without any public audit result to prove it has enough money to cover 2.5 bln tokens

“The second Binance” to be created?

With nearly 240,000 new registered users and more than 11 million USD raised by halfway through the third ICO period, starting from April 15 to April 21, the name Nauticus emerges as a potential bright star in the "universe" of cryptocurrency

An attack on the second largest Bitcoin mining pool?

This attack is considered to have changed the actual display capacity of the operators. Of course, this issue has been dealt with, and Antpool expected to compensate users before 16th April.

Real estate market - from securitization to tokenization

When blockchain technology and digital tokens are on the rise, tokenization may become a new trend for investors, especially in real estate investment