Ripple (XRP) Analysis and Forecast (Oct 4th, 2018): dead cat bounce?

Regardless of the fact that Ripple has witnessed strongest bounce of 4% among top 20 crypto earlier this morning, this gain cannot withstand against the upcoming bearish pressure

ETHUSD Analysis and Forecast (Wed, Sept 26th, 2018): peace before the storm

The cryptocurrency market and especially Ethereum are enjoying the peace with green light; however, investors should pay attention to the upcoming storm

Jumping over alpha, Nami launches beta version of 7 weeks earlier

Nami's developers skip alpha and are preparing to offer investors the beta version

ETH will be dragged down to the level of $724 and then $684 in this week (Monday, May 7th - Friday, May 11th)

In this week, we will witness a strong downtrend of ETH price. The market is waiting for the clear hint of the beginning of the 2nd Elliott Declining Wave

ETH will end up the bullish trend soon?

ETH will end up the bullish trend soon?

Bitcoin price 28/3: BTC stands a chance of reversing

BTC failed to break the Fibonacci retracement 78.6% at $8167 on March 27th. There is a high chance that BTC will retest this resistance level in the near future