Cryptocurrency Market Watch March 13, 2019

Ripple announces to fund $100 million into video gaming based on blockchain. Samsung revealed crypto wallet exclusively for Galaxy S10 applicable for ETH and ERC20 tokens

Distributed ledgers: blockchain vs DAG

Distributed ledger term covers various types of data structure in which database is shared and synchronized peer to peer across the network without central control.

Ripple (XRP) Analysis and Forecast (Oct 4th, 2018): dead cat bounce?

Regardless of the fact that Ripple has witnessed strongest bounce of 4% among top 20 crypto earlier this morning, this gain cannot withstand against the upcoming bearish pressure

XRP Analysis and Forecast (Oct 1st, 2018): Ripple is seeking for uptrend momentum

In spite of impressive gain last weekend, Ripple is struggling to find the engine for further increase, up to Fibonacci 61.8 level.

Ripple price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, August 14): Depression and doubt on cryptocurrency market, Bear is still dominant

If Ripple price succeeds in crossing above the resistance zone around $0.26 and no reversal candlesticks appears, we can keep belief in the bounce back to $0.288

Ripple price analysis and forecast (Wednesday, August 1st): XRP price will continue to move in narrow range

We anticipate that the XRP price will continue to fluctuate in the range between $0.43 and $0.49 before it will rocket

Ripple price analysis and forecast (Thursday, July 12th): A bearish explosion is still forecast

There is a chance that the price will continue the prior downtrend to the lower trend level around the level of $0.369