BTC Analysis and Forecast (Oct 1st, 2018): Stay bullish stay foolish on Bitcoin

Bitcoin retreated from Fibonacci 23.6 - a strong barrier for the 3rd time over the past two weeks. Though third time’s a charm, can Bitcoin succeed at the fourth attempt?

$8782 will become the next resistance level of Bitcoin price

Traders should watch out the Bitcoin price closely to set the position

ETH price will re-test the strong resistance level of $701 today (May 18th)

ETH price can slide down after approaching the resistance line of $701 in order to jump in the Elliott Declining Wave

The bear is threatening the Bitcoin price, $9000 will be the next resistance level

The Bitcoin price is anticipated to crawl upwards to the level of $9000 before sliding down to the Elliott Correction Wave

$751 will be the next resistance level of ETH today (May 14th)

After reaching the level of $689.3, ETH price will bounce back to the level of $736.95, hovering around this level for a while before jumping higher to $751.45 and even reaching $769.04.

Technical Analysis Bitcoin 30/04/2018: 9550 will be the next resistance level

Bitcoin price will slide down to the level of 8930 before jumping to 9550

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USD still takes power over CHF

Bitcoin Technical Analysis Apr 23, 2018

Can the Bitcoin tumble to the support level of 7360?

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Bitcoin experiences a bull in the upcoming days