BTC Analysis and Forecast (Nov 7th, 2018): recovery on the verge of Bakkt

At the beginning of this week, Bitcoin starts to step in more bullish area when the price officially broke the resistance at $6517

BTCUSD Analysis and Forecast (Sep 27, 2018): testing the essential psychological level at $6754

BTCUSD is being exchanged at $6741 by 13:36 GMT+7 time after having tried to escape above the Fibonacci 23.6 at $6754.1

EOS Analysis and Forecast (Sep 27th, 2018): waiting for a signal at $5.4656

In recent days, EOS has experienced a period of peace awaiting for a breakout to uptrend

IOTA price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, August 14): A short-term correction may occur, a long-term recovery is uncertain

A further slide-down to the level of $0.4 before a bounce back to the level of $0.45 is foretasted to happen with IOTA price

Ethereum price analysis and forecast (Friday, August 10): Traders are becoming exhausted, little hopes for a recovery at this stage

We expect that the ETH price will once again fall to the key level of $310 and then quickly reserve and bounce back to the level of around $328

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Thursday, July 26th): Bitcoin price leads the recent recovery

We anticipate that the cryptocurrency price will experience a retracement back to the solid resistance line of around $7750 so as to shape the third valley before the price can bounce back

NEO price analysis and forecast (Thursday, July 19th): Will this recovery last long?

We forecast that the NEO price will slowly bounce back to the key level of $37.89 then slide down to the neckline of $35.64

ETH price will fall to $659 before a recovery (May 16th)

The traders still hesitate about the upcoming price movement; we expect the ETH price will slide down to the level of $659 and hover around this level for a while

$9119 will be the next support level for Bitcoin before a recovery

Bitcoin is anticipated to tumble to reach the lower level of $9119 before bouncing back to the resistance zone of $9571