ETH Analysis and Forecast (Nov 6th, 2018): positive signal after gloomy month

Ethereum is inclined to make a slight recovery from as low as $190, optimistic investment sentiment will brace up the market to consolidate the trend.

Why is SEC still keeping CBOE’s Bitcoin proposal on the table?

Why is everybody having their eyes on Bitcoin ETF's final decision?

Bitcoin Cash price analysis and forecast (Thursday, August 16th): Positive signals for Bitcoin Cash price

If the Bitcoin Cash price can cross above the key level of $530, the target price is likely to be $590

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, July 31th): Positive signals for Bitcoin price, more green lights are turned on

Bitcoin price stands a golden chance to witness an upwards breakout of the current Ascending Triangle pattern to the key level of $8450 before a pullback arises

Ethereum price analysis and forecast (Thursday, July 26th): Bears continue to pose a threat to the ETH price

The cryptocurrency price is expected to slide down to the confluence zone of around $450

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Friday, July 13th): The bear continues to pose a threat to the Bitcoin price

The Bitcoin price will experience a short-lived pullback to the pattern before re-entering the bearish trend to the target price of $5787

Bitcoin price analysis on Sunday (June 15th): Positive news from SEC push the Bitcoin price up

The FUD period seems to continue to overshadow the traders’ mood and there are more chances for a slide-down of the Bitcoin price in the short term

ETH price is diving in 'red' and no positive signs ahead (June 11th)

The ETH price will recover temporarily to the resistance trend line of $570 before a steep slide-down

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake - P.3

In a Proof of Stake utilized system, there won’t be any math to solve, nor a bounty to claim.