Cryptocurrency Market Watch March 13, 2019

Ripple announces to fund $100 million into video gaming based on blockchain. Samsung revealed crypto wallet exclusively for Galaxy S10 applicable for ETH and ERC20 tokens

Distributed ledgers: blockchain vs DAG

Distributed ledger term covers various types of data structure in which database is shared and synchronized peer to peer across the network without central control.

Cryptocurrency daily report for July 11th 2018: Market has become a real bloodbath

Only five of the top 100 cryptocurrencies have increased for last 24 hours

IOTA and Volkswagen are about to change the auto industry

At the Cebit 18 Expo, IOTA and Volkswagen introduced their partnership related to IoT approach

MVL Chain - A new competitor is coming to the mobility industry!

Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL) is a blockchain-based ecosystem for the vehicle data industry, which aims to store all the data of a car from from the day of production to the end of its life, including repairing information, maintenance, insurance, etc.