IOTA Analysis and Forecast (Oct 2nd, 2018): waiting for breakout signals with Tesla

In the context of tedious cryptocurrency market, IOTA price is trading tightly between consolidating trend lines (the blue ones), established from August 2018

IOTA analysis and forecast (Tue, Sep 11th, 2018): Corrective movement to Fibonacci 38.2%

IOTA is anticipated to move upwards to $0.6426 and resume its downtrend after that

IOTA price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, August 14): A short-term correction may occur, a long-term recovery is uncertain

A further slide-down to the level of $0.4 before a bounce back to the level of $0.45 is foretasted to happen with IOTA price

IOTA price analysis and forecast (Friday, August 10): Bull is gaining strength, a bullish explosion is on the way

IOTA price is likely to slide down to around $0.467 before jumping into the new Elliott Impulsive Wave and bounce back to around $0.9371

IOTA price analysis and forecast (Friday, July 10th): Negative signals from crypto market

We can expect a strong rocket of the IOTA price to the level of around $3.3 in the long term.

IOTA price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, July 3rd): Bear continues to put pressure on the IOTA price

The IOTA price will soon recover to the upper trend line in order to accomplish the 3rd peak before a significant fall will take place

IOTA price forecast and analysis (June 22nd): Red light casts shadow over the cryptocurrency market

We anticipate that in the long term, a recovery to $1.2368 is likely to take place in the next week after a further fall to $0.9371.

IOTA and Litecoin price (Monday, June 4th)

Major cryptocurrency price (Litecoin and IOTA) may tick up for a short period of time before tumbling

IOTA price (Friday, June 1st): A bright future for IOTA price in short time

The shadow over crypto market seems to miss out the IOTA price