Cryptocurrency Market Watch March 13, 2019

Ripple announces to fund $100 million into video gaming based on blockchain. Samsung revealed crypto wallet exclusively for Galaxy S10 applicable for ETH and ERC20 tokens

EOS Analysis and Forecast (Sep 27th, 2018): waiting for a signal at $5.4656

In recent days, EOS has experienced a period of peace awaiting for a breakout to uptrend

ETHUSD Analysis and Forecast (Wed, Sept 26th, 2018): peace before the storm

The cryptocurrency market and especially Ethereum are enjoying the peace with green light; however, investors should pay attention to the upcoming storm

Market report (Wed, Sept 12th, 2018): Bad news covered the market

The dark clouds seem not to be fading away on cryptocurrencies.

EOS analysis and forecast (Fri, Sept 7th, 2018): Bullish pennant exploited

If EOS can retest the level of $6.00, a further increase is expected.

Ethereum analysis and forecast (Wed, Sept 5th, 2018): $300 threshold ahead

Ethereum is witnessing a convergence within a convergence

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, August 21): price pulls back without support

Bitcoin price analysis on chart D1 looking for bullish hints in the long terms

Ethereum price analysis and forecast (Friday, August 17): Some sparkles for ETH price this weekend

The ETH price is expected to turn back and slightly fall to the level of $296 before jumping to the level of $320