[Review ICO] Curaizon - for healthcare industry

In the case of Curaizon, the role played by cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and smart contract doesn’t seem that crucial

Cardano (ADA) price analysis and foreast: Bear will soon regain the strength and drag down Cardano (ADA) price

A bounce back to the upper trend line of around $0.167 is likely to take place before another pullback to the support line of $0.137

Cardano price analysis and forecast: Impulse wave is forming

Cardano price is moving in a narrow range and is expected to break through to the support level at 0.142

Be careful! Chances are that Hi:health ICO is a scam

Everything indicates that Hi!:Health might be a dodgy business. All these understatements and wind-filled promises should raise a red flag.

Carry Protocol: Offline commerce market also needs blockchain

Carry Protocol is a blockchain platform that connects buyers and sellers in the offline market through data sharing and token rewards.

MVL Chain - A new competitor is coming to the mobility industry!

Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL) is a blockchain-based ecosystem for the vehicle data industry, which aims to store all the data of a car from from the day of production to the end of its life, including repairing information, maintenance, insurance, etc.

Daily news on cryptocurrency market on May 3rd, 2018

Telegram cancelled the public ICO because they received more than enough

Blockchain breaks through in car market

VinChain is a distributed database of transaction history of used cars, provides reports about cars for sellers, buyers and other related parties in used cars market

MEDICALCHAIN - Blockchain solution for health care

Medicalchain is the platform using blockchain technology to securely store health records and maintain a single version of the truth

Rent a car for a crypto? Now it's easy!

DARENTA is an online car renting platform for cryptocurrency or fiat money