Ethereum (ETHUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Mon, Oct 1st, 2018): Bull trap?

A new bull trap is forming on Ethereum price, or the bears have been dying down?

BTC Analysis and Forecast (Oct 1st, 2018): Stay bullish stay foolish on Bitcoin

Bitcoin retreated from Fibonacci 23.6 - a strong barrier for the 3rd time over the past two weeks. Though third time’s a charm, can Bitcoin succeed at the fourth attempt?

BTCUSD Analysis and Forecast (Tue, Sept 25th, 2018): the great escape of the bull?

Bitcoin has tendency to retest the lower edge of the convergence triangle and escape the bearish trap

EOS analysis and forecast (Fri, Sept 7th, 2018): Bullish pennant exploited

If EOS can retest the level of $6.00, a further increase is expected.

Ethereum Classic price analysis and forecast (Wednesday, August 15): Will the bull continue its strength

We forecast that the Ethereum Classic price will surge to the Fibonacci Retracement level of 38.2% (around $13.55) this week

IOTA price analysis and forecast (Friday, August 10): Bull is gaining strength, a bullish explosion is on the way

IOTA price is likely to slide down to around $0.467 before jumping into the new Elliott Impulsive Wave and bounce back to around $0.9371

Ethereum price analysis and forecast (Friday, August 10): A bullish correction is in the forecast

ETH price is likely to retrace to the key level of $351 before bouncing back to the strong support line of $366 and even the higher level of around $400

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Thursday, August 2nd): Bull will soon take over the market this week

Another entrancement to the key level of $7520 may take place before a rocket in the end of this week

Tron (TRX) price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, July 31st): Buy TRX when a bullish signal bar shows up

If the TRON price can tick up from the current support level, it will fly high

EOS price analysis and forecast (Monday, July 30th): Another fall before a bullish explosion?

It is probable for this cryptocurrency price to fall to the key level of $7.06 in the short term