Cryptocurrency Market Watch March 13, 2019

Ripple announces to fund $100 million into video gaming based on blockchain. Samsung revealed crypto wallet exclusively for Galaxy S10 applicable for ETH and ERC20 tokens

Distributed ledgers: blockchain vs DAG

Distributed ledger term covers various types of data structure in which database is shared and synchronized peer to peer across the network without central control.

[ICO REVIEW] Jura Network - can overcome blockchain dilemma?

Jura Network will combine DAG from IOTA with block lattice from Nano, to tackle Decentralization, Security & Scalability

[ICO REVIEW] Jura Network - to disrupt traditional blockchain with integrated solutions

Jura Network will combine DAG from IOTA with block lattice from Nano, integrated with algorithms to confront common attacks

[ICO REVIEW] PROFEDE - ICO for headhunting market (ICO cancelled)

Profede is a decentralized platform for professional recruitment and crowdsourcing.

[Review ICO] COTI - Currency Of The Internet

With ambition to overthrow VISA, Mastercard and Paypal, COTI introduces new payment method for e-commerce using tangle protocol

Recruitment now draws attention, thanks to CVerification

CVerification, which is a system linking all applicants and employers, helps to verify the information in recruitment process

COTI - Ambitious solution for traditional e-commerce

COTI is aiming at revolutionizing traditional e-commerce and accelerating transaction speed of blockchain 2.0

The world first community-owned crypto bank in Malta, backed by Binance

Although Malta is facing some legal issues with the banking authorities, it still plans for the first community-owned and decentralized bank

ICO Uchain: Blockchain solution for sharing economy

Uchain will eliminate the existence of intermediaries by using smart contracts and stores personal user data in the peer-to-peer (P2P) network