Coinbase introduced its first ever CTO

After the acquisition and merger, Coinbase continued to welcome's team into the house and introduced the first CTO of the company

Tax Day: 0.04% people filed cryptocurrency income tax

Today is the Tax Day and many people still do not recognize cryptocurrency income tax in the tax form

An attack on the second largest Bitcoin mining pool?

This attack is considered to have changed the actual display capacity of the operators. Of course, this issue has been dealt with, and Antpool expected to compensate users before 16th April.

Scalability, the endless cycle - and Raiden Network - P.1

Blockchain technology is still in its early stages and for that reason is unable to meet the scaling demand of the market

Crypto market last week, many records had set

George Soros decided to invest in cryptocurrency market. What would he do with crypto? Where would Bitcoin go?

Government backup giant social networks K.O. crypto market

What make Google, Facebook, Twitter get in the line of anti crypto community? Who is really behind this movement?

Will Bitcoin be back to $8,000?

Today (Apr 3rd) Bitcoin continues previous growth. At 11 a.m, BTC/ USD touched $7,269, up 3.4% from the opening price

15 fun facts about cryptocurrencies

The world's richest crypto billionaire list including Chris Larsen, co-founder of Ripple, has a number of digital asset worth $7.5 to $8 billion

Cryptocurrency market shaken as ETH continued to lose 16%

The total market capitalization reduced to only $256 billion, lost 9.21 percent

ETH lost 6 percent within only 2 hours

Investors worried that ETH/USD could fall below $400