Bitcoin price forecast and analysis:A bearish explosion is waiting ahead

The Bitcoin price is forecast to fall to the target price of $5495 in the short term

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (June 27th): Red lights cast shadow over crypto market

When will the Elliott Declining Wave stop its effect on the Bitcoin price?

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Wednesday, June 20th): Green light on the crypto market

After reaching the support line, the Bitcoin price will crawl upwards to the confluence zone around $7048

Bitcoin price forecast from June 18th to June 24th

There are two directions that the Bitcoin price can follow in this week (June 18th to June 24th)

Bitcoin price analysis on Sunday (June 15th): Positive news from SEC push the Bitcoin price up

The FUD period seems to continue to overshadow the traders’ mood and there are more chances for a slide-down of the Bitcoin price in the short term

Bitcoin price on Wednesday (June 13th)

We should wait for the Bitcoin price to fall below the level of $6447 before making up trading decision

Bitcoin price (June 12th): The bear continues to overshadow the bull

The Bitcoin price is likely to rise to the resistance line of $7000,before being dragged down to the level of $6447

The bear still casts a shadow over the Bitcoin price (June 11th)

It is possible for the Bitcoin price to be lifted up shortly before a significant tumble will take place

Bitcoin price: Technical Analysis on June 8th

Bitcoin price will soon turn back to the temporary bearish trend

Can bitcoin price escape the 'bear' trap or not?

We anticipate that the Bitcoin price will be dragged down to the key level of $7268 if the bearish mood can take over the market