BTC Analysis and Forecast (Nov 7th, 2018): recovery on the verge of Bakkt

At the beginning of this week, Bitcoin starts to step in more bullish area when the price officially broke the resistance at $6517

BTC Analysis and Forecast (Oct 8th, 2018): Bitcoin confused by SEC going back and forth

Bitcoin has gone to the final point of the convergence tunnel when SEC helps nothing in further speculation

BTC Analysis and Forecast (Oct 5th, 2018): SEC will light up Bitcoin

Bitcoin market is showing brighter outlook in the next few weeks to come under SEC’s constructive re-consideration and re-structure of Bitcoin ETF proposals

BTC Analysis and Forecast (Oct 3rd, 2018): lost the ground, opening for downtrend

Bitcoin had fail in attracting buyers to consolidate for weakening uptrend, $6138 will be the next support level

BTC Analysis and Forecast (Oct 2nd, 2018): Bitcoin hesitates to get out of sideway area

During previous trading session (Oct 1st), Bitcoin is still wandering between two barriers $6684 and $6551 all day long with a fake breakout through the blue trendline

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Tuesday, August 21): price pulls back without support

Bitcoin price analysis on chart D1 looking for bullish hints in the long terms

Bitcoin Cash price analysis and forecast (Thursday, August 16th): Positive signals for Bitcoin Cash price

If the Bitcoin Cash price can cross above the key level of $530, the target price is likely to be $590

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Thursday, August 16th): Little chance for a long-term correction of Bitcoin price

In the near term, it is probable for the Bitcoin price to slide down slightly to the level of $6114 before heading upwards to the key level of around $6665

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Monday, August 13th): Two scenarios may happen to Bitcoin price

A bounce back of Bitcoin price to the level of $6565 is in our forecast

Bitcoin price analysis and forecast (Thursday, August 2nd): Bull will soon take over the market this week

Another entrancement to the key level of $7520 may take place before a rocket in the end of this week