Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Fri, Sept 21st, 2018): A race towards $7100

Double bottoms were formed; Bitcoin is anticipated to shoot up further.

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Tue, Sept 19th, 2018): An upsurge is bound to happen

A double bottom pattern has been formed on Bitcoin’s price chart.

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) analysis and forecast (Mon, Sept 10th, 2018): Will climb up in a while

Market is keeping an eye on the important threshold of $6484

Bitcoin (BTC) analysis and forecast (Tuesday, Sep 4th): A continuous upward pressure

Bitcoin is likely to linger near the area of $7300 in a short period of time, then back to its ascending movement.

Bitcoin analysis and forecast (Thursday, August 30): Corrective waves in action

Bitcoin price is anticipated to retest its downtrend line, around $6900 before bouncing back