[Breaking news] nami.bo changes the exchange rate by 4 times!


New exchange 1 ETH = 7000 NAC

Although it is a newbie in Nami Ecosystem, nami.bo has attracted a lot of attention from investors in the market. In a very short period, there are more than 200 successful transactions on nami.bo. Because nami.bo is not only an ideal solution for NAC investment but also a solution that brings investors the opportunity to take part in NAC Pool and to receive “monthly dividends” in ETH from revenue of products in Nami ecosystem.

Find out more about NAC Pool here.

Great news for investors: “from 29/03/2018, the exchange rate (ETH/ NAC) on nami.bo will be updated daily in investors’ favor”. The exchange rate on 29/03/2018 is adjusted to 1 ETH = 7000 NAC from the previous  rate at 1 ETH = 1700 NAC.

This is truly a significant advantage which makes nami.bo become an ideal solution for investors who want to purchase NAC at this time. All investors know that Nami ICO closed officially from 28/03/2018. Therefore, there are only 2 options for NAC investment remain:

  1. Nami internal exchanges @ internal.nami.exchange
  2. Binary options @ nami.bo

Compared to the first choice - trading on the internal exchange, nami.bo has many outstanding benefits:

  • Trading volume will not affect the price on the market; investors even have a chance to own NAC at much better price than trading on internal exchange.
  • Fast and easy trading on multiple platforms like personal computers and mobile devices.
  • Transparent and safe transaction along with many other advantages for investors.

Trading instruction on nami.bo:

Access nami.bo now and take advantage of this special opportunity!

From Nami Corp