Technical Analysis BTCUSD 05/06/2018

The cryptocurrency price is expected to continue its downtrend

Technical Analysis ETHUSD 05/06/2018

The cryptocurrency price is expected to tumble

IOTA and Litecoin price (Monday, June 4th)

Major cryptocurrency price (Litecoin and IOTA) may tick up for a short period of time before tumbling

IOTA price (Friday, June 1st): A bright future for IOTA price in short time

The shadow over crypto market seems to miss out the IOTA price

Technical Analysis Major cryptocurrencies (Lisk, Ripple) (May 31st)

The bear is still casting a shadow over the crypto market

The bearish mood continues to put pressure on major cryptocurrency price (EOS, Ripple) (May 30th)

In short term, traders should keep calm when witnessing strong downtrend from major cryptocurrency price including EOS, Ripple instead of setting short position

$0.65652 will be the end of Elliott Declining Wave or not?

Ripple price will soon slide down to the level of $0.65652 or even $0.64891 in order to put an end to the Elliott Declining Wave

Technical Analysis USDCHF on 25/04/2018

USD still takes power over CHF

EURUSD Technical Analysis Apr 23, 2018

The bear might overshadow EURUSD soon