What is TPO - True Product Offering


TPO, short for True Product Offering, is a new concept for fundraising initiated after the decline of IEO and ICO

Basically, TPO remains to be a fundraising scheme which is conducted over exchange platforms. Selected projects must have actual working products and the value of their utility tokens within the ecosystem is measured by actual user numbers.

In order to list IEO tokens, projects can forge close ties with exchanges and pay them listing fees. The exchanges then utilize their popularity and credibility to promote for the project as long as Dev team commits to make the price of tokens go higher after listing (of course at their own cost). People just care about how high the tokens price may go, x5 or x10 and the exchanges just want the projects to make sure this happen.

For TPO, investors are required to experience the products to understand how they works before making investment decision and contribute their votes to get tokens listed.  

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How is TPO different from IEO?

The biggest difference between TPO and IEO is the standard of project selection, which favors real investors and actual products that have proved MVP in reality. After the failure of IEO trend, we can agree that it is only a game that benefits exchanges, rather than a crowdfunding platform or a place to search for projects with practical values.In order to qualify for a TPO, exchanges require investors to experience the products before making investment (rather than speculation).The regulation is established with a view to making sure that investors understand the tokens' functions in the ecosystem.

In order to measure the adoption of token in the ecosystem and acceptance of products, the development team is also required to provide following data:

  1. User number on daily and monthly basis, user growth rate.
  2. Daily token usage.
  3. Registration of roadmap and milestones for 4 periods: Product Launch, Implementation, Growth Hacking and Expansion

TPO platforms need to publish on the system these following information:

  1. Project information
  2. Investor missions: use and understand the core values of the products and token functions.
  3. Project Data: to display real-time users and token usage.
  4. KYC / AML system for investors
  5. Project milestones
  6. Automatic refund system for investors when the development team fails to reach the agreed milestone
  7. Token sale information: total supply, minimum and maximum purchase amount, token price.

TPO, IEO, ICO, token, fund raising, disbursement, investors, utility token

How to buy TPO:

  1. Review and evaluate products
  2. Create account on an exchange and KYC
  3. Deposit BTC, ETH, Token to prepare to buy TPO token
  4. Complete missions: experience product and understand the role / value of the token to the product
  5. Buy token on your financial capacity and investment appetite

Disbursement mechanism for development team and unlock token for investors / users:

  1. Product Launch: Disbursing 20% ​​of the total fund raised. Unlock 20% of purchased tokens.
  2. Implementation: Disbursing 30% of the total fund raised. Unlock 30% of purchased tokens
  3. Growth Hacking: Disbursing 30% of the total amount of fund raised. Unlock 30% of purchased tokens
  4. Expansion: Disbursing 20% ​​of the total amount of fund raised. Unlock 20% of purchased tokens

Refund mechanism if the project fails to reach the milestones:

On TPO registration, project teams are required to set specific milestones so that investors will get refunded if the teams fail to meet the expectation.

After a certain period of time (maybe 30 days) after raising fund, based  on updated data (via provided API) about active users, daily usage of tokens, disbursement and unlock mechanism will be automatically activated when the teams hit the targets. Conversely, the platform will calculate and refund for investors if the projects do not develop as roadmap..

Token allocation and circulating supply:

Total supply = Total token sale *1.5

Token listing:

Right after fundraising period, tokens will be listed on exchanges that follow TPO standard. TPO platforms will connect with each other to create a deep market for investors and traders

Benefits for investors:

  1. Ability to invest in a project with real products, avoiding SCAM as much as possible
  2. Total supply of token is thoroughly controlled to make  demand always higher than supply so that token price will be supported in the long term
  3. Select potential projects on your investment interest and budget..
  4. Increase the transparency of the product performance through users and token data.
  5. Refunding in case the project does not meet the set objectives.
  6. Always understand the project they invest and keep track on  progress of the project on a daily basis.

Written by nami.today