TPO to take place of IEO, new standards for investment and fund-raising

Investment and fundraising sectors have witnessed revolutionary changes in the last years of 2010s, thanks to the emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

What is TPO - True Product Offering

TPO, short for True Product Offering, is a new concept for fundraising initiated after the decline of IEO and ICO

Scaling, the endless cycle - and Raiden Network - P.3

With the addition of the Raiden Network, Ethereum may now be able to handle low-value, high-frequency payments, thus mitigating pressure on the blockchain system.

Scaling, the endless cycle - and Raiden Network - P.2

If a blockchain wants to develop Off-chain solutions - the system needs On-chain updates to accommodate the necessary changes.

Scalability, the endless cycle - and Raiden Network - P.1

Blockchain technology is still in its early stages and for that reason is unable to meet the scaling demand of the market

How did Bitfinex and Tether manipulate cryptocurrency market?

Bitfinex, the world's fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange on daily trading volume, became hand in hand with Tether, an ambitious Stablecoin, to rule the virtual world