Recruitment now draws attention, thanks to CVerification


CVerification, which is a system linking all applicants and employers, helps to verify the information in recruitment process

Recruitment is one of the most important in Human Resources. In the recruitment phase, the recruiters always consider the qualifications of the candidate through Cirriculum Vitae (CV). Does anyone think that the level of the candidates is really reflected on the CV or not? Does the candidate tell lie about their experience to impress their recruiters?

That is the reason ICO Cverification was born. Cverification is a dedicated platform for recruiting and moderating personal profiles. In terms of vision, the ambitious project can utilize blockchain technology  to create an environment for the exchange of work documents between the three parties: previous employers / educational institutions, applicants and potential employers.

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CVerification identifies your 3 main clients, which are previous employers / educational institutions, applicants and potential employers. The business model of CVerification is quite detailed, for each type of customer. But an overview of the lucrative process is not yet available. However, almost every operation, activity related to the customer of CVerification has collected for this project 30% of revenue.

In such a niche market like CV scans, do the users in CVerification have to pay high fee? That raises doubts about the profitability of this ICO.

CVerification allows the applicant to authorize the former employer to post a reference to the ecosystem. After that, the applicant continues to delegate authority to his potential employer to download the reference to prove his or her work experience in the CV is correct. At this stage, CVerification will create a copy for potential recruiters. So, where will the originals be stored? Blockchain Ethereum as CVerification mentioned? If so, the cost of storing the information must be extremely expensive! In addition, does this project ensure that after downloading the reference, and knowing the candidate's work experience, the potential recruiter will not do any illegal action affecting reputation of the candidate? This CVerification can not be confirmed and clarified, as the social sites of this project are new and few people are interested in.

Referring to an ICO, the allocation of tokens is one of the important measures of the quality of an ICO project. But does not expect much on a young ICO like CVerification when the project starts in 2017. Despite the pre-sale, however, when looking at the amount of interaction on Twitter, it looks like CVerification is not paid much attention by the community. Moreover, CVerification has launched pre-sale slower than expected 1 week. Therefore, it seems that the event of this project has failed.

In general, CVerification is a too young project, carrying too many problems to solve. First, this project needs to verify the information in the previous recruiter's reference in is correct. Next, the project needs to find a way to store and secure the information before it wants to use a huge database. When dealing with issues related to ideas and technology, the new CVerification can think of ways to make money from their mind child.

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