Zerobank - Transfer money in a sharing economy

Zerobank is the cross-border money transfer platform which provides cost-effective and secure services by using blockchain technology and smart contract in a sharing economy

Bountie - Where you get paid from playing game!

Bountie platform allows players to make records, store personal details like skills, achievements, videos, and grants them the ability to monetized by playing daily games

VeChain - The first one to offer supplier management services using blockchain

In 2018, there has been a boom in the number of projects using  blockchain technology in supply chain improvement.

Lending an ear to the Lastest Lending Platform

Understanding the speculative cryptocurrency market, Money Token - a blockchain-based financial ecosystem, is hoping to solve the demand for short and medium fiat loan.

MVL Chain - A new competitor is coming to the mobility industry!

Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL) is a blockchain-based ecosystem for the vehicle data industry, which aims to store all the data of a car from from the day of production to the end of its life, including repairing information, maintenance, insurance, etc.

Genaro Network: The Future Blockchain Shaper

Genaro Network created a new future with the belief that it can solve the drawback of other platforms.

A multifunctional blockchain gaming platform

Flux gaming is a blockchain system which effectively supports not only gamers or streamers but also game developers

Say no to low quality food with Ifoods chain

Impurity of food or food poisoned are the serious problems today, Ifoods chain brings to the world a promising solution

Telegram has cancelled ICO, the whales are coming?

Telegram is a nice red and crispy apple and everyone want to take a bite, but who knows, maybe this apple is poisoned.

ICOs, real or just a ponzi scheme?

The rumors about multi-level marketing ICO scam recently caused the public to be panic, the investors confused between real and scam