[ICO REVIEW] Jura Network - can overcome blockchain dilemma?


Jura Network will combine DAG from IOTA with block lattice from Nano, to tackle Decentralization, Security & Scalability

Road map

Jura hasn’t had MVP or published their code on Github yet. White paper only introduces technology and algorithm, no business plan or market research. Jura aims at becoming decentralized platform for all commercial companies.

Several milestones to which you should pay attention:

  • Q3/2018: ERC20 token generation; PoU framework for FUSUS
  • Q4/2018: sharding integration and testnet launching
  • Q1/2019: database and smart contract implementation
  • Q2/2019: mainnet launching

Jura token

The team has not released adequate information about token total supply, distribution or ICO time. On their official telegram, admin only said that tentative ICO will be launched after KYC in September 2018

  • Token: JURA
  • Hard cap: 20 million USD

Token functions:

  • Payment method for services on Jura network
  • Shares/ Stakes to become stakeholders who can perform transaction confirmations
  • Rewards for contributors of data storage

Jura team

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Jura Network


QLC chain



DAG block lattice

Multidimensional block lattice









Transaction per second (TPS)

  • Technically: unlimited
  • Practically: to be confirmed
  • Technically: unlimited
  • Practically: 7000 per second
  • Technically: unlimited
  • Practically: 3500 per second



Mainnet launched

MVP released

Raised funds

20 mil USD

Did not do ICO

19.3 mil USD

Ranking on coinmarketcap


31th with 274 mil USD in cap

284th with 12 mil USD in cap

Frankly speaking, many projects using DAG structure and sharding already have their products so it’s really difficult for Jura to compete with nothing but ideas on paper.

Strong points

  • Interesting solution for old problems: FUSUS can really improve DAG, making it more efficient against double spending and spamming attacks. FUSUS is scalable, flexible and highly efficient
  • Based on existing technologies, Jura may learn from other projects and know how to combine these proved protocols in an effective way
  • Jura will partner with Cortexlabs.ai for machine learning and AI application to enhance security and internal management.

Weak points

  • Team members lack experience in both commerce and blockchain compared to people behind similar projects like IOTA, Nano, COTI.
  • Technical and Dev team source seem to be inadequate to develop such a complicated network with a lot of features
  • They do not disclose any information about strategic investors (if any); we do not see any support or back-up for their potential success.
  • No MVP or public code on Github
  • Unclear business and marketing plan
  • Highly competitive market: their competitors already have working products or at least MVP
  • PoU may not calculate credit score quickly enough in real time when stakes/ shares change too frequently everyday. As a consequence, transaction processing might be delayed

In conclusion, at that time, it’s hard for us to decide whether we should invest in Jura Network or not. The project missed out on the best  time to start ICO only with a white paper.. When market sentiment is down, many investors prefer projects with MVP or working products. Therefore, it is recommended that investors should wait for more positive movements from Jura team, like partnership announcement, code confirmation or big investor supports, for example.

We will keep updating about this ICO when Jura has new partners.

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Written by nami.today