[ICO REVIEW] Alehub - disrupt the business management market


Alehub platform will support all types of enterprises, from large to small size, and even self-employers to build a customized effective management system on blockchain

Alehub is a decentralized platform providing database and infrastructure for technological solutions to Business Management. When it comes to business management industry, SAP is the biggest player in the game in terms of market share, followed by FIS Global, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor.

Alehub also wants to enter the competition with these tech-giants to provide smart and customized business management. By applying blockchain technology, Alehub not only improves internal management effectiveness by automated ERP (enterprise resource planning) but also accelerates external business activities with multilateral smart contract system.

Alehub solutions include:

  • Platform for IT to develop business management system
  • Marketplace for freelancing jobs


First of all, we must admit that both business management and freelancing market are highly competitive with many big players, as mentioned above. In the ERP market, we have SAP and Oracle. As to freelancing, we can’t help mentioning Upwork, Rabbit, Craiglist. They all have been in the industry for many years with a huge base of clients and data and long-earned reputation.

alehub, ale, axel, security token, utility token, erp software, oracle, sap

It’s hard for Alehub to compete directly with these companies if Alehub depends only on blockchain technology. These tech-giants are capable of surpassing Alehub easily because they have a very strong technical team and abundant financial resources. They can develop blockchain if necessary.

Secondly, Alehub is nothing compared to SAP, Oracle or Upwork in terms of enormous database. One of the reason why they can acquire a large number of new customers is the fact that they can provide various big data services and strong network support.

So which points are Alehub’s competitive advantage?


Obviously, we can see several benefits that Alehub can bring to business management market thanks to blockchain technology:

  • Transparency in data storage and transaction
  • Support multilateral cooperation by multilateral smart contract
  • Security with a lower risk of cyber attacks on a decentralized platform
  • Automated and smart report system

alehub, ale, axel, security token, utility token, erp software, oracle, sap

Normally, an ERP software may cost you around 2 million dollars for a license, and it takes nearly 2 years to put it into practice:

  • Customizing the system to meet specific requirements
  • Hiring experts to train and transfer technology

Alehub will shorten the procedure, and as a result, Alehub will save your time, money and effort.

Target market

Instead of competing with big corporations in the large enterprise segment, Alehub has chosen to focus on small sized companies which account for 99% of the market.

alehub, ale, axel, security token, utility token, erp software, oracle, sap

Alehub solution will fit into small companies’ budget. Moreover, self-employers, including freelancers, will have a chance to connect with large companies for potential projects. Not only helps internal operations, but Alehub also helps connect vendors and customers on their network. However, to be honest, potential niche market does not mean Alehub can cover them all and make returns out of it. Alehub does not specify details about their marketing plan or what they gonna do with their funds. As a result, it is hard for investors to evaluate the feasibility and profitability.

Services and data exchanged on Alehub will be settled by an internal token called AXEL. Alehub has created two types of token:

  • AXEL is an internal token used for internal activities on Alehub system. It can not be traded on another cryptocurrency exchanges
  • ALE is a security token that can be traded as stocks or share

Why does Alehub need to issue two kinds of token? What is the benefits of a security token holder compared to other ICO investors? Keep moving to the next part for your answers.

Written by nami.today