Ripple price (June 12th): More signals ahead


After the Ripple price can reach the key level of $0.63, there are two scenarios for this cryptocurrency.

Ripple Coinmarketcap 12062018

In chart H4, the Elliott Declining Wave marked with (D) seems to be tapering off and the Ripple price is likely to jump in the Elliott Impulsive Wave marked with (E). It is possible for the Double Bottom pattern to be formed within the price chart since the temporary second bottom is a little bit higher than the first bottom.

However, with the current price movement, there is every likelihood that the Cup and Handle pattern will be shaped. With these two scenarios, we suggest that the market should pay much attention to the key level of $0.63. In the case that the cryptocurrency price can break through this level and tick up, the Double Bottom pattern will be confirmed. On the other hand, if the Ripple price will turn back and tumble from the level of $0.63, the Cup and Handle pattern will be successfully established.

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