EOS Analysis and Forecast (Sep 27th, 2018): waiting for a signal at $5.4656

In recent days, EOS has experienced a period of peace awaiting for a breakout to uptrend

BCHUSD Analysis and Forecast (Sep 27th, 2018): Bitmain IPO has been supporting Bitcoin Cash

Bitmain announced its official IPO application which accelerated Bitcoin Cash up more than 20% over the past 24 hours.

ETHUSD Analysis and Forecast (Wed, Sept 26th, 2018): peace before the storm

The cryptocurrency market and especially Ethereum are enjoying the peace with green light; however, investors should pay attention to the upcoming storm

BTCUSD Analysis and Forecast (Tue, Sept 25th, 2018): the great escape of the bull?

Bitcoin has tendency to retest the lower edge of the convergence triangle and escape the bearish trap

IOTA Analysis and Forecast (Mon, Sept 24th, 2018): hidden bearish divergence

After the last bright weekend, IOTA is falling back into bearish way with an unusual trading volume

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Fri, Sept 21st, 2018): A race towards $7100

Double bottoms were formed; Bitcoin is anticipated to shoot up further.

Why is SEC still keeping CBOE’s Bitcoin proposal on the table?

Why is everybody having their eyes on Bitcoin ETF's final decision?

Ethereum (ETHUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Thu, Sept 20th, 2018): A decline to gather momentum

A slight decrease is needed for further increases in Ethereum price.

Stellar (XLMUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Thu, Sept 20th, 2018): Struggling for a new direction

A resistance above vs. a downtrend line below, where will Stellar go?

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Tue, Sept 19th, 2018): An upsurge is bound to happen

A double bottom pattern has been formed on Bitcoin’s price chart.