Jumping over alpha, Nami launches beta version of nami.trade 7 weeks earlier


Nami's developers skip alpha and are preparing to offer investors the beta version

On June 6th 2018, Nami will officially launch the beta version of the decentralized trading platform, nami.trade. That will bring 'a breath of fresh air' to  forex, commodities, indexes and cryptocurrencies trading.

Giap Van Dai, Co-founder and CEO of Nami, stated that:

“The world of freedom for trading is not only our vision, but also what we live up to. Forex (Foreign exchange) is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world with around $6 trillion trades per day. However, without any major upgrade for almost 10 years, this market is becoming plagued with restrictions and inconveniences from which traders have to suffer on a daily basis.”

nac, nami, nami.trade, blockchain, dapp, exchange platformNami.trade’s trading activity is based on blockchain technology which helps to increase security and privacy for users. In addition, investors are not subject to fees such as spread, swap and commission, so investors can receive a return up to 95%. For traditional trading platforms, traders have to pay servaral fees so the maximum profit is only up to 75%. Nami.trade supports multi-platform trading that users can trade anywhere, on the computers, mobile phones or even via the virtual assistant, Nami Assistant.

According to the Nami’s roadmap, July 27th is the official launch date of the beta version, but Nami team has worked really hard to be able to bring the product to the users’ hands sooner. At the moment, nam.trade is offering 50 NAC for the first 10,000 email registrations.

For more information, please visit: https://nami.trade

Written by nami.today