Distributed ledgers: blockchain vs DAG

Distributed ledger term covers various types of data structure in which database is shared and synchronized peer to peer across the network without central control.

Crypto haven is no longer safe

Swiss and Malta are now losing their reputation of crypto nation and blockchain island, just because of tightened regulation

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake - P.3

In a Proof of Stake utilized system, there won’t be any math to solve, nor a bounty to claim.

Meeting Ifoods chain - the blockchain and food combination company

During a Blockchain Festival Vietnam’s event in Ho Chi Minh city, nami.today had the chance to meet and interview the representative of Ifood chain

22 EU Member States signed to join European Blockchain Partnership

Blockchain is a great opportunity for Europe and Member States to rethink their information systems, to promote user trust and the protection of personal data

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake - P.2

In order to make the block-making process more selective, the blockchain will requires each block to have a Proof of Work attached to it.

The world watching for Fed to raise interest rate

FOMC will meet and release the statement at 2 a.m., Thursday, March 22nd, the statement is the decision and overview of FOMC

Proof of work vs proof of stake - P.1

The article provides basic understandings about PoW and PoS, and how blockchain will become in the future.