[Review ICO] Curaizon - for healthcare industry

In the case of Curaizon, the role played by cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and smart contract doesn’t seem that crucial

Recruitment now draws attention, thanks to CVerification

CVerification, which is a system linking all applicants and employers, helps to verify the information in recruitment process

COTI - Ambitious solution for traditional e-commerce

COTI is aiming at revolutionizing traditional e-commerce and accelerating transaction speed of blockchain 2.0

Cryptocurrency daily report for July 11th 2018: Market has become a real bloodbath

Only five of the top 100 cryptocurrencies have increased for last 24 hours

AIRBLOC - Road to a legit data marketplace

AIRBLOC aims to create a healthy big data marketplace and give users a chance to make some money from their own data

Be careful! Chances are that Hi:health ICO is a scam

Everything indicates that Hi!:Health might be a dodgy business. All these understatements and wind-filled promises should raise a red flag.

Bountie - Where you get paid from playing game!

Bountie platform allows players to make records, store personal details like skills, achievements, videos, and grants them the ability to monetized by playing daily games

Lending an ear to the Lastest Lending Platform

Understanding the speculative cryptocurrency market, Money Token - a blockchain-based financial ecosystem, is hoping to solve the demand for short and medium fiat loan.

Genaro Network: The Future Blockchain Shaper

Genaro Network created a new future with the belief that it can solve the drawback of other platforms.

A multifunctional blockchain gaming platform

Flux gaming is a blockchain system which effectively supports not only gamers or streamers but also game developers