Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Tue, Sept 19th, 2018): An upsurge is bound to happen

A double bottom pattern has been formed on Bitcoin’s price chart.

IOTA (IOTUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Fri, Sept 14th, 2018): More signals awaited

IOTA continues its upward movement to $6434; no clear signals for further direction.

Ethereum (ETHUSD) Analysis and Forecast (Thu, Sept 13th, 2018): Reverse to uptrend

Ethereum found its bottom at $167, now it’s time to surge.

Market report (Wed, Sept 12th, 2018): Bad news covered the market

The dark clouds seem not to be fading away on cryptocurrencies.

Stellar (XLMUSD) analysis and forecast (Mon, Sept 10th, 2018): A trend reversal awaited

A regular bullish divergence was formed, Stellar seems to have escaped its two-month low.